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Why Choose Ginali Associates, P.C.?

"Dedicated to Exceeding our Client's Expectations"

Ginali Associates P.C. has been providing exclusive legal services to the REO/ Retail industry for in excess of 15 years. Over the course of this period our firm has successfully closed in excess of 7,500 REO/ Retail transactions as well as an extensive array of residential real estate transactions. It is this experience which we bring to the closing table each and every day. As the real estate world can be extremely demanding and technically challenging for the lay attorney, this experience and our commitment has allowed us to continue to expand and grow our client base while our competitors have consistently failed to deliver.

We at Ginali Associates, P.C. recognize how important it is to fully comprehend and understand our clients' business. As our clients' successful business is and always will be our business, our focus and commitment are predicated upon the following promises which we make to our clients each and every day with each and every engagement:

  • Commitment to our clients' needs/sensitivities.
  • Close the files timely and successfully.
  • Establish constant communication with all parties to the transactioin.

While these promises may seem simple, it is the failure to provide these most simple of promises by our competitors time and time again which has created the opportunity for Ginali Associates, P.C. to succeed in the manner in which it has captured the REO/ Retail closing marketplace.

We at Ginali Associates, P.C. are fully and unconditionally committed to serving our clients and their needs. We recognize the subtle nuances which can either make or break the deal for our clients. As our clients have often undoubtedly already suffered enough in the way of profit loss and heartache in the course of the foreclosure process, our job and our commitment is to preserve the remaining equity as best as we are able. In so doing, we recognize each and every day an asset sits in the REO inventory is a day in which our clients are unduly continuing to carry the REO burden.

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