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What Makes Ginali Associates, P.C. Different From Other Law Firms?

We at Ginali Associates, P.C. firmly believe our clients and the REO/ Real Estate industry have gone long enough without receiving the benefit of a personal touch and the special attention which is the essence of our firm. From the initial voice on the telephone to the para- professionals and attorneys at our firm, our mission statement is to apply a personal touch to what has become an extremely impersonal industry. Given the fact that each of our closing transactions can touch so many different lives, what better way to service our clients and the other parties to the closing transaction than to apply our own personal signature to each transaction with which we come into contact. To the extent we can not only service our clients but also put a smile on their faces as well as the faces of the many others we communicate with in a typical day, have we not perhaps made our own little world a better place? To the extent we bring this smile to our clients on a regular basis, have we not created a friendship with our client? If so, do friendships not last a lifetime?

Therein is the key to our success: Service the client in the manner in which the client has never been serviced before. In the process, bring a small amount of joy and happiness to the office each and every day and watch that joy and happiness as it nurtures business relationships and future business referrals. In turn, continue to strive to improve to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

While at a first glance, this happy and smiley approach may seem a bit odd given the seriousness and complexity of the underlying transactions of our business, why should our clients not expect a personal touch from those providing their legal and title services? Must every deal result in delay, frustration, and aggravation?

We at Ginali Associates, P.C. have based the foundation of our firm and its success on ducking these industry trends. Our mission, our job, our commitment, is to service our clients with the benefit of our immense REO/ Real Estate experience, deliver our results in a timely and professional manner, and enlighten each and every person we come into contact with in the process. While some may consider these objectives to be grandiose and others still may consider them to be mutually exclusive, our clients have grown to appreciate these objectives as a day in the life at Ginali Associates, P.C. A "Day in the Life" which we pledge to be a lifetime.

"Dedicated to Exceeding our Client's Expectations"

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